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Chief Red Blood ( Anthony Morales)
Tribal Chairman

Chief Red Blood ( Anthony Morales) maintains tradition and continuity to his tribe through living on tribal traditional land in the City of San Gabriel. It is noteworthy that Chief Red Blood lives at Northeast corner of land that his Grandfather, David Morales farmed in the late 1890's through 1900's Chief Red Blood is comforted by the fact that he continues to live on the land that carries the footprints of his grandfather and ancestor.
Although retired, Chief Red Blood diligently works at his endless role in preserving tribal culture, as well as maintaining tribal identity and unity. As an ongoing effort, Chief Red Blood and tribal dancers have participated in number of cultural events, ceremonies and public affairs since 1995. Keeping an awareness of tribal culture and history is one of Anthony's top priorities.

Adam Morales - Vice Chairman


Lorraine Madrid - Treasurer

Lorraine Madrid was born, raised and still lives in San Gabriel, California. She graduated from San Gabriel High School in June of 1970

She worked for La Casa Community Center as a part -time office receptionist during and after high school.

Lorraine is married and has 3 children, 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. She was a stay at home mom for several years and in September 1985 she started working for Los Angeles County of Special Education as an teacher's aide.

Lorraine has been a very active member with the tribe since she was a young girl, she has participated in many parades, events and tribal affairs. She was elected for Tribal Secretary and currently sits on council as Tribal Treasurer.

Kimberly M. Johnson - Secretary


Julia Bogany - Cultural Affairs

Julia Bogany is a member of the Gabrieleno Tongva Tribe. She is a mother, grand and great grand mother. She is also a very respected "Elder"  of the tribe.  She was a preschool Director, Middle school Coordinator and instructed child development for home Day Care.    She also has training in Child development Indian Child Welfare and Native American Studies. She is also Vise -Present of the Keepers of indigenous Way (KIW).  She constantly, incessantly and voluntarily enjoys teaching and helping her tribe. She has worked for over twenty years for the American Indian community for her tribe. She has provided cultural, FASD, ICWA, training and workshops in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside areas and Sacramento. She teaches Tongva language, basket weaving and cultural classes. All the work she's done is for her great grandchildren's future and for the future of her tribe.


Chief Red Blood and his wife have worked together to raise four sons and eight grandchildren with tribal cultural awareness. All four sons are active members of the tribe. Chief Red Blood's eldest son, Anthony Jr. has served as Tribal Vice Chair until 2016. In elections of 2017 Tribal Vice Chair was passed on to his youngest son Adam. His second son, Guiding Young Cloud ( Andy ) has been a Tribal Spiritual Leader for the past 18 years. Chief Red Blood and family are all active in tribal , events and affairs. It goes without saying that without "Chief Red Blood" Anthony Morales tireless efforts over the past two decades the tribe may not exist as we see it today


The Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians (AKA) "Gabrieleno Tongva" is the " Historical Traditional Tribe"  within the County of Los Angeles. The Gabrieleno Tongva occupied the entire  Los Angeles Basin and the islands of the Santa Catalina, San Nicholas , San Clemente and Santa Barbara, and from the mountains to the sea. The existence of our people on these ancestral lands has been unbroken since long before the first contact between the Tongva and  Europeans. The "Gabrieleno Tongva" San Gabrieleno Band of Mision Indians received Sate recognition from the State of California in 1994. We have remained an integral part of the Southern California community. Our presence is well documented. Our existence is preserved in records of the three local Catholic Missions and in records of local cities and both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We have cultural and historic sites located throughout the County but our Tribal Headquarters still remains near the San Gabriel Mission. The Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians ( Gabrieleno Tongva) Tribe is governed  by 5 member tribal council, which is democratically elected by members of the tribe. The Tribal Council is responsible for the general operations of the Tribe subject to review by the General Membership during tribal meeting.
It is our vision to build and inspire traditional values and ethics for future generations while preserving the foundations of American Indian culture. Salving and preservating traditional cultural is a priority of this tribe, along with developing unity among nations, and then the Non- Native citizens by educational work in providing an awareness of the history and culture of our people.
Our long term purpose is to continue to past on our ancestral traditions  to our children and to educate the communities of our Tribal existence and the true history of the California/ Los Angeles Native Americans/Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians/ Gabrieleno Tongva Tribe of the past ,present and the future.


  •  Is to give back our people their identity, self-esteem and the courage to bear no shame as an Native American in today's society.
  • To be vigilant, effective guardians of our lands and ancestral remains.
  • To be wise teachers of our youth so that they will be informed and proud guardians of the ways of our ancestors.
  • To increase our efforts at cultural recovery and renewal: language, song, dance, music, basketry, storytelling, ceremonial and spiritual traditions.
  • To achieve federal recognition of our People.


TOGETHERNESS: The Gabrieleno Tongva survival depends on the combined support of one another... We become strong together and like a Nation,  we keep growing with independence and pride.

PERSERVERANCE: We as Gabrieleno Tongva California Native Americans have developed an attitude of perseverance in the face of obstacles in spite of - and perhaps, because of.. the burden of whom we are. We must remove all obstacles and let it be known who we are, matters!

EDUCATE: We as Gabrieleno Tongva Native Americans are at the point where we must educate our People in what no one know yesterday, and prepare our People for what no one knows today, and begin being counted, so we can be proud of who we are tomorrow.

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