Past Events

The Gabrieleno Tongva Historical Tribe either hosted, participated or were invited guest to these events below: 

Compo de Cahuenga Festival-2000

Ceremonial Fire Gathering

South West Museum

Tongva Ceremonial Blessing

Pomona College Pow Wow

Catalina Buffalo Ceremony

Western Days San Dimas

Gabrieleno High School- 9/1994

Ballona Wetlands Blessing

Whittier Narrow Blessing

Indian Springs Naming Cerem.-8/1998

Corn Festival 

Calabasus Western Days

Kuruvungna Before Columbus

Heritage Park Sejat Pow Wow

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Tongva Naming Ceremony - 8/2005

Riverside Cultural Center

Democratic National Convention

Ceremonial Summer Solstice

Long Beach Festival

Universal City Heritage Day  

Stough Canyon Native Day

Tongva Peak Dedication - 9/2003

Bear Ceremonial Spring Equinox
California Indian Conference- 6/2000
Whittier Founders Day
Haraokngna Anniversary Celebration
Half time performance Staples Center- 6/2000
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic gardens
Culver City Heritage Day 
Honoring of the Ancestors  Ceremony
Honoring Juana Maria Mural - 6/1995
Winter Solstice Ceremony
Long Beach Aquarium Moompetum 9/    -present
LA Native American Heritage Month
San Gabriel Mission Ground Breaking - 1/1994
Hunting Library Jane Gooding Dedication 4/2004
Sovereignty Walk Santa Barbara
San Gabriel Mission Dedication of Bells
Smith Park Tongva Playground Dedication
California Teachers Association event 
Cathedral- Los Angeles                             -9/2002

Claremont  4 of July Parade
Elder's Celebration Day
Claremont Heritage Day
Chumash Pow Wow
Foundation Banquet
Rosemead Parade - 7/1994-
Grunion Festival- 8/1996 
Cal Poly pow wow
Raines House
Pobladora Walk
Western days San Dimas
Satwiwa Pow Wow
Honoring Toypurina
Walnut Parade - 2000
Antelope Valley Museum
Wilkerson School
Chino Blessing Ceremony
San Gabriel Fiesta- 9/1950- present
SG Parade Sparky Grand Marshall- 1970
Knotts Berry Farm Performance-